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1    to drag or stream, or permit to drag or stream along a surface, esp. the ground  
her skirt trailed, she trailed her skipping rope     
2    to make (a track or path) through (a place)  
to trail a way, to trail a jungle     
3    to chase, follow, or hunt (an animal or person) by following marks or tracks  
4    when intr, often foll by: behind   to lag or linger behind (a person or thing)  
5    intr   to be falling behind in a race or competition  
the favourite is trailing at the last fence     
6    tr   to tow (a boat, caravan, etc.) behind a motor vehicle  
7    tr   to carry (a rifle) at the full length of the right arm in a horizontal position, with the muzzle to the fore  
8    intr   to move wearily or slowly  
we trailed through the city     
9    tr   (on television or radio) to advertise (a future programme) with short extracts  
10    trail one's coat   to invite a quarrel by deliberately provocative behaviour  
11    a print, mark, or marks made by a person, animal, or object  
12    the act or an instance of trailing  
13    the scent left by a moving person or animal that is followed by a hunting animal  
14    a path, track, or road, esp. one roughly blazed  
15    something that trails behind or trails in loops or strands  
16    the part of a towed gun carriage and limber that connects the two when in movement and rests on the ground as a partial support when unlimbered  
17      (Engineering)   the distance between the point of contact of a steerable wheel and a line drawn from the swivel pin axis to the ground  
     (C14: from Old French trailler to draw, tow, from Vulgar Latin tragulare (unattested), from Latin tragula dragnet, from trahere to drag; compare Middle Dutch traghelen to drag)  
  trail-less      adj  

condensation trail  
      n      another name for       vapour trail  
fire trail  
      n     (Austral)   a permanent track cleared through the bush to provide access for fire-fighting  
nature trail  
      n   a path through countryside designed and usually signposted to draw attention to natural features of interest  
Oregon trail  
      n   an early pioneering route across the central U.S., from Independence, W Missouri, to the Columbia River country of N Oregon: used chiefly between 1804 and 1860. Length: about 3220 km (2000 miles)  
Santa Fe Trail  
      n   an important trade route in the western U.S. from about 1821 to 1880, linking Independence, Missouri to Santa Fe, New Mexico  
trail away   , off  
      vb   intr, adv   to become fainter, quieter, or weaker  
his voice trailed off     
trail bike  
      n   a motorcycle adapted for riding on rough tracks  
trail rope  
1       another name for       dragrope       2  
2    a long rope formerly used for various military purposes, esp. to allow a vehicle, horses, or men to pull a gun carriage  
vapour trail  
      n   a visible trail left by an aircraft flying at high altitude or through supercold air, caused by the deposition of water vapour in the engine exhaust as minute ice crystals,   (Also called)    condensation trail, contrail  
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1    dangle, drag, draw, hang down, haul, pull, stream, tow  
2    chase, follow, hunt, pursue, shadow, stalk, tail     (informal)   trace, track  
3    bring up the rear, dawdle, drag oneself, fall behind, follow, hang back, lag, linger, loiter, straggle, traipse     (informal)  
4    dangle, droop, extend, hang, straggle  
5    footprints, footsteps, mark, marks, path, scent, slipstream, spoor, trace, track, wake  
6    beaten track, footpath, path, road, route, track, way  
7    appendage, stream, tail, train  

trail away      , off  
decrease, die away, diminish, dwindle, fade away or out, fall away, grow faint, grow weak, lessen, peter out, shrink, sink, subside, tail off, taper off, weaken  

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