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      vb   , lends, lending, lent  
1    tr   to permit the use of (something) with the expectation of return of the same or an equivalent  
2    to provide (money) temporarily, often at interest  
3    intr   to provide loans, esp. as a profession  
4    tr   to impart or contribute (something, esp. some abstract quality)  
her presence lent beauty     
5    tr   to provide, esp. in order to assist or support  
he lent his skill to the company     
6    lend an ear   to listen  
7    lend itself   to possess the right characteristics or qualities for  
the novel lends itself to serialization     
8    lend oneself   to give support, cooperation, etc.  
     (C15 lende (originally the past tense), from Old English lænan, from læn loan1; related to Icelandic lana, Old High German lehanon)  
  lender      n  

      n   (during World War II) the system organized by the U.S. in 1941 by which equipment and services were provided for countries fighting Germany  
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1    accommodate one with, advance, loan  
2    add, afford, bestow, confer, contribute, furnish, give, grant, hand out, impart, present, provide, supply  
3    lend an ear      give ear, hearken     (archaic)   heed, listen, take notice  
4    lend a hand      aid, assist, give a (helping) hand, help, help out  
5    lend itself to      be adaptable, be appropriate, be serviceable, fit, present opportunities of, suit  
6    lend oneself to      agree, consent, cooperate, countenance, espouse, support  

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lend me your ears! exp.
expression used for catching the attention of an audience

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