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      vb   , -ues, -uing, -ued  
1    when tr, may take an infinitive   to remain or cause to remain in a particular condition, capacity, or place  
2    when tr, may take an infinitive   to carry on uninterruptedly (a course of action); persist in (something)  
he continued running     
3    when tr, may take an infinitive   to resume after an interruption  
we'll continue after lunch     
4    to draw out or be drawn out; prolong or be prolonged  
continue the chord until it meets the tangent     
5    tr     (Law)     (chiefly Scot)   to postpone or adjourn (legal proceedings)  
     (C14: from Old French continuer, from Latin continuare to join together, from continuus continuous)  
  continuable      adj  
  continuer      n  
  continuingly      adv  
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1    abide, carry on, endure, last, live on, persist, remain, rest, stay, stay on, survive  
2    go on, keep at, keep on, keep one's hand in, keep the ball rolling, keep up, maintain, persevere, persist in, prolong, pursue, stick at, stick to, sustain  
3    draw out, extend, lengthen, project, prolong, reach  
4    carry on, pick up where one left off, proceed, recommence, resume, return to, take up  
1    abdicate, leave, quit, resign, retire, step down  
2 & 4    break off, call it a day, cease, discontinue, give up, leave off, pack in     (Brit. informal)   quit, stop  

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errors continue forward
continue to have something; keep something
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