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   sf   skirt  
una gonna lunga      a long skirt  
stare attaccato alle gonne della madre      to cling to one's mother's apron strings  
   gonna pantalone          culottes    pl  
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"gonna pantalone": esempi e traduzioni in contesto
Scambaimo la gonna con i pantaloni. Sure, I'll trade you my pants for your skirt.
Si faceva una camminatina per la stanza, giocando con la propria gonna o pantaloni. They would walk around. They would play with their skirts and pants.
E come cavalcate, in gonna o pantaloni? Which do you ride, sidesaddle or astride?
- Aveva la gonna o i pantaloni? - Was she wearing pants or a skirt?
Pantaloni, che scendono come una gonna. Pants that hang like a skirt.
Lei ha la stessa cosa che hai tu nei pantaloni ma sotto la gonna. She's got the same thing under her skirt that you've got in your pants.
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