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1    bounded, checked, circumscribed, confined, constrained, controlled, curbed, defined, finite, fixed, hampered, hemmed in, restricted  
2    cramped, diminished, inadequate, insufficient, minimal, narrow, reduced, restricted, scant, short, unsatisfactory  
   boundless, limitless, unlimited, unrestricted  
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1       adj   Something that is limited is not very great in amount, range, or degree.  
usu ADJ n   (=small)  
They may only have a limited amount of time to get their points across...     
2       adj   A limited company is one whose owners are legally responsible for only a part of any money that it may owe if it goes bankrupt.  
  (mainly BRIT, BUSINESS)   ADJ n, n ADJ  
They had plans to turn the club into a limited company..., He is the founder of International Sports Management Limited.     
in AM, use incorporated     

limited edition        ( limited editions    plural  ) A limited edition is a work of art, such as a book which is only produced in very small numbers, so that each one will be valuable in the future.      n-count  
public limited company        ( public limited companies    plural  ) A public limited company is the same as a public company. The abbreviation plc is used after such companies' names.     (BUSINESS)      n-count  

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