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      n   allocation, allowance, cost, finances, financial statement, fiscal estimate, funds, means, resources  
      vb   allocate, apportion, cost, cost out, estimate, plan, ration  
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  ( budgets    plural & 3rd person present)   ( budgeting    present participle)   ( budgeted    past tense & past participle  )
1       n-count   Your budget is the amount of money that you have available to spend. The budget for something is the amount of money that a person, organization, or country has available to spend on it.  
with supp  
She will design a fantastic new kitchen for you<endash10001and all within your budget..., Someone had furnished the place on a tight budget..., This year's budget for AIDS prevention probably won't be much higher.     
2       n-count   The budget of an organization or country is its financial situation, considered as the difference between the money it receives and the money it spends.     (BUSINESS)  
The hospital obviously needs to balance the budget each year., ...his readiness to raise taxes as part of an effort to cut the budget deficit.     
3       n-proper   In Britain, the Budget is the financial plan in which the government states how much money it intends to raise through taxes and how it intends to spend it. The Budget is also the speech in which this plan is announced.  
...other indirect tax changes announced in the Budget.     
4       verb   If you budget certain amounts of money for particular things, you decide that you can afford to spend those amounts on those things.  
The company has budgeted $10 million for advertising...      V amount for n  
The movie is only budgeted at $10 million...      be V-ed at amount  
I'm learning how to budget.      V, Also V amount to-inf  
  budgeting      n-uncount  
We have continued to exercise caution in our budgeting for the current year.     
5       adj   Budget is used in advertising to suggest that something is being sold cheaply.  
ADJ n   (=economy)  
Cheap flights are available from budget travel agents from £240.      budget for      phrasal verb   If you budget for something, you take account of it when you are deciding how much you can afford to spend on different things.   (=allow for)  
The authorities had budgeted for some non-payment...      V P n  

-budget combines with adjectives such as `low' and `big' to form adjectives which indicate how much money is spent on something, especially the making of a film.      comb in adj  
They were small, low-budget films, shot on location., ...a big-budget adventure movie starring Mel Gibson.     

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