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1    the part of a utensil, drawer, etc., designed to be held in order to move, use, or pick up the object  
2      (N.Z.)   a glass beer mug with a handle  
3    Slang   a person's name or title  
4      (CB radio)      a slang name for       call sign  
5    an opportunity, reason, or excuse for doing something  
his background served as a handle for their mockery     
6    the quality, as of textiles, perceived by touching or feeling  
7    the total amount of a bet on a horse race or similar event  
8    fly off the handle  
Informal   to become suddenly extremely angry  
      vb   mainly tr  
9    to pick up and hold, move, or touch with the hands  
10    to operate or employ using the hands  
the boy handled the reins well     
11    to have power or control over  
my wife handles my investments     
12    to manage successfully  
a secretary must be able to handle clients     
13    to discuss (a theme, subject, etc.)  
14    to deal with or treat in a specified way  
I was handled with great tact     
15    to trade or deal in (specified merchandise)  
16    intr   to react or respond in a specified way to operation or control  
the car handles well on bends     
     (Old English; related to Old Saxon handlon (vb), Old High German hantilla towel)  
  handleable      adj  
  handled      adj  
  handleless      adj  

dead man's handle   , pedal  
      n   a safety switch on a piece of machinery, such as a train, that allows operation only while depressed by the operator  
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1    grip, haft, handgrip, helve, hilt, knob, stock  
2    feel, finger, fondle, grasp, hold, maul, paw     (informal)   pick up, poke, touch  
3    control, direct, guide, manage, manipulate, manoeuvre, operate, steer, use, wield  
4    administer, conduct, cope with, deal with, manage, supervise, take care of, treat  
5    discourse, discuss, treat  
6    carry, deal in, market, sell, stock, trade, traffic in  

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small handbag without handles
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