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1    to grip (something) firmly with or as if with the hands  
2    when intr, often foll by: at   to struggle, snatch, or grope (for)  
3    tr   to understand, esp. with effort  
4    the act of grasping  
5    a grip or clasp, as of a hand  
6    the capacity to accomplish (esp. in the phrase within one's grasp)  
7    total rule or possession  
8    understanding; comprehension  
     (C14: from Low German grapsen; related to Old English græppian to seize, Old Norse grapa to steal)  
  graspable      adj  
  grasper      n  
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1    catch (up), clasp, clinch, clutch, grab, grapple, grip, hold, lay or take hold of, seize, snatch  
2    catch on, catch or get the drift of, comprehend, follow, get, get the hang of     (informal)   get the message, get the picture, realize, see, take in, understand  
3    clasp, clutches, embrace, grip, hold, possession, tenure  
4    capacity, compass, control, extent, mastery, power, range, reach, scope, sway, sweep  
5    awareness, comprehension, grip, ken, knowledge, mastery, perception, realization, understanding  

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