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1    the act of breaking or the state of being broken  
a    the breaking or cracking of a bone or the tearing of a cartilage  
b    the resulting condition  
   See also       Colles' fracture       comminuted fracture       compound fracture       greenstick fracture       impacted       2  
3    a division, split, or breach  
4      (Mineralogy)  
a    the characteristic appearance of the surface of a freshly broken mineral or rock  
b    the way in which a mineral or rock naturally breaks  
5    to break or cause to break; split  
6    to break or crack (a bone) or (of a bone) to become broken or cracked  
7    to tear (a cartilage) or (of a cartilage) to become torn  
     (C15: from Old French, from Latin fractura, from frangere to break)  
  fracturable      adj  
  fractural      adj  

Colles' fracture  
      n   a fracture of the radius just above the wrist, with backward and outward displacement of the hand  
     (C19: named after Abraham Colles (died 1843), Irish surgeon)  
comminuted fracture  
      n   a fracture in which the bone is splintered or fragmented  
compound fracture  
      n   a fracture in which the broken bone either pierces the skin or communicates with an open wound  
greenstick fracture  
      n   a fracture in children in which the bone is partly bent and splinters only on the convex side of the bend  
     (C20: alluding to the similar way in which a green stick splinters)  
hairline fracture  
      n   a very fine crack in a bone  
Pott's fracture  
      n   a fracture of the lower part of the fibula, usually with dislocation of the ankle  
     (C18: see Pott's disease)  
simple fracture  
      n   a fracture in which the broken bone does not pierce the skin,   (Also called)    closed fracture      Compare       compound fracture  
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      n   breach, break, cleft, crack, fissure, gap, opening, rent, rift, rupture, schism, split  
      vb   break, crack, rupture, splinter, split  

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