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1    a seat with a back on which one person sits, typically having four legs and often having arms  
2    an official position of authority  
a chair on the board of directors     
3    the chairman of a debate or meeting  
the speaker addressed the chair     
4    a professorship  
the chair of German     
5      (Railways)   an iron or steel cradle bolted to a sleeper in which the rail sits and is locked in position  
6       short for       sedan chair  
7    in the chair   chairing a debate or meeting  
8    take the chair   to preside as chairman for a meeting, etc.  
9    the chair      an informal name for       electric chair  
      vb   tr  
10    to preside over (a meeting)  
11      (Brit)   to carry aloft in a sitting position after a triumph or great achievement  
12    to provide with a chair of office  
13    to install in a chair  
     (C13: from Old French chaiere, from Latin cathedra, from Greek kathedra, from kata- down + hedra seat; compare cathedral)  

basket chair  
      n   a chair made of wickerwork; a wicker chair  
Bath chair  
      n   a wheelchair for invalids, often with a hood  
berbice chair  
      n   a large armchair with long arms that can be folded inwards to act as leg rests  
     (C20: named after Berbice, a river and former county in Guyana)  
birthing chair  
      n   a chair constructed to allow a woman in labour to give birth in a sitting position  
boatswain's chair  
      n     (Nautical)   a seat consisting of a short flat board slung from ropes, used to support a person working on the side of a vessel or in its rigging  
curule chair  
      n   an upholstered folding seat with curved legs used by the highest civil officials of ancient Rome  
deck chair  
      n   a folding chair for use out of doors, consisting of a wooden frame suspending a length of canvas  
director's chair  
      n   a light wooden folding chair with arm rests and a canvas seat and back  
easy chair  
      n   a comfortable upholstered armchair  
electric chair  
      n     (in the U.S.)  
a    an electrified chair for executing criminals  
b    usually preceded by: the   execution by this method  
gestatorial chair  
      n   a ceremonial chair on which the pope is carried  
Morris chair  
      n   an armchair with an adjustable back and large cushions  
     (C19: named after William Morris)  
rocking chair  
      n   a chair set on curving supports so that the sitter may rock backwards and forwards  
sedan chair  
      n   a closed chair for one passenger, carried on poles by two bearers. It was commonly used in the 17th and 18th centuries,   (Sometimes shortened to)    sedan  
straight chair  
      n   a straight-backed side chair  
swivel chair  
      n   a chair, the seat of which is joined to the legs by a swivel and which thus may be spun round  
Windsor chair  
      n   a simple wooden chair, popular in England and America from the 18th century, usually having a shaped seat, splayed legs, and a back of many spindles  
wing chair  
      n   an easy chair having wings on each side of the back  
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chairdrobe n.
term referring to a pile of clothes left on a chair

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