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  ( silvers    plural  )
1       n-uncount   Silver is a valuable pale grey metal that is used for making jewellery and ornaments.  
oft N n  
...a hand-crafted brooch made from silver., ...silver teaspoons.     
2       n-uncount   Silver consists of coins that are made from silver or that look like silver.  
...the basement where £150,000 in silver was buried.     
3       n-uncount   You can use silver to refer to all the things in a house that are made of silver, especially the cutlery and dishes.  
also the N  
He beat the rugs and polished the silver.     
4       colour   Silver is used to describe things that are shiny and pale grey in colour.  
He had thick silver hair which needed cutting.     
5       n-var   A silver is the same as a silver medal.  
Britain went on to take bronze and then followed it up by winning silver in the World Cup.     
    born with a silver spoon in your mouth  

silver birch        ( silver birches    plural)   ( silver birch    plural  ) A silver birch is a tree with a greyish-white trunk and branches.      n-count  
silver jubilee        ( silver jubilees    plural  ) A silver jubilee is the 25th anniversary of an important event such as a person becoming king or queen, or an organization being started.      n-count  
She arrived in St Ives to celebrate the Queen's Silver Jubilee.     
silver lining  
1    If you say that every cloud has a silver lining, you mean that every sad or unpleasant situation has a positive side to it.  
every cloud has a silver lining      phrase  
As they say, every cloud has a silver lining. We have drawn lessons from the decisions taken.     
2       n-sing   If you talk about a silver lining, you are talking about something positive that comes out of a sad or unpleasant situation.  
The fall in inflation is the silver lining of the prolonged recession.     
silver medal        ( silver medals    plural  ) If you win a silver medal, you come second in a competition, especially a sports contest, and are given a medal made of silver as a prize.      n-count  
Gillingham won the silver medal in the 200 metres at Seoul.     
silver plate  
1       n-uncount   Silver plate is metal that has been coated with a thin layer of silver.  
oft N n  
...silver-plate cutlery.     
2       n-uncount   Silver plate is dishes, bowls, and cups that are made of silver.  
  (BRIT) and silver plate, jewellery, and roomfuls of antique furniture.     
in AM, use silver, solid silver     
Something that is silver-plated is covered with a very thin layer of silver.      adj  
...silver-plated cutlery.     
silver screen     
People sometimes refer to the films that are shown in cinemas as the silver screen.      n-sing   the N  
Marlon Brando, Steve McQueen, and James Dean are now legends of the silver screen...     
A silver-tongued person is very skilful at persuading people to believe what they say or to do what they want them to do.      adj   usu ADJ n  
...a silver-tongued lawyer.     
silver wedding        ( silver weddings    plural  ) A married couple's silver wedding or silver wedding anniversary is the 25th anniversary of their wedding.      n-count   usu poss N  
He and Helen celebrated their silver wedding last year.     
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      adj   argent     (poetic)   pearly, silvered, silvery  
      n   silver plate, silverware  

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silver surfer n.
a senior person who is an Internet user

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