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  ( pears    plural  ) A pear is a sweet, juicy fruit which is narrow near its stalk, and wider and rounded at the bottom. Pears have white flesh and thin green or yellow skin.      n-count  

1       adj   Something that is pear-shaped has a shape like a pear.  
...her pear-shaped diamond earrings.     
2       adj   If someone, especially a woman, is pear-shaped, they are wider around their hips than around the top half of their body.  
3    If a situation goes pear-shaped, bad things start happening.  
go pear-shaped      phrase   V inflects  
He feared his career had gone a bit pear-shaped.     
prickly pear        ( prickly pears    plural  ) A prickly pear is a kind of cactus that has round fruit with prickles on. The fruit, which you can eat, is also called a prickly pear.      n-count  
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