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, on-line         
1       adj   If a company goes online, its services become available on the Internet.     (BUSINESS, COMPUTING)  
...the first bank to go online., online shopping centre., online catalogue.     
2       adj   If you are online, your computer is connected to the Internet. Compare offline.     (COMPUTING)  
You can chat to other people who are online.     
      Online is also an adverb., adv   ADV after v  
...the cool stuff you find online.     
    on line  
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Dizionario Collaborativo     Inglese per Studenti
register approval of or agreement with a post or poster in a on-line context by using a particular icon, usually a thumb-up
Ex.: I wish I could have upvoted a thousand times for that comment designating her as the greatest female pop singer of all time. NB also noun: an upvote.
register disapproval of or disagreement with a post or poster in an on-line context by using a particular icon, usually a thumb-down
Ex.: I downvoted him for critisizing my favorite female pop singer. NB also noun: a downvote.
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