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  ( luckier    comparative)   ( luckiest    superlative  )
1       adj   You say that someone is lucky when they have something that is very desirable or when they are in a very desirable situation.  
oft ADJ to-inf   (=fortunate)  
I am luckier than most. I have a job..., He is incredibly lucky to be alive..., Those who are lucky enough to be wealthy have a duty to give to the hungry.     
2       adj   Someone who is lucky seems to always have good luck.  
Some people are born lucky aren't they?..., He had always been lucky at cards.     
3       adj   If you describe an action or experience as lucky, you mean that it was good or successful, and that it happened by chance and not as a result of planning or preparation.  
They admit they are now desperate for a lucky break..., He was lucky that it was only a can of beer that knocked him on the head.     
4       adj   A lucky object is something that people believe helps them to be successful.  
usu ADJ n  
He did not have on his other lucky charm, a pair of green socks.     
6    If you say that someone will be luckyto do or get something, you mean that they are very unlikely to do or get it, and will definitely not do or get any more than that.  
sb will be lucky      phrase   V inflects, usu PHR if, PHR to-inf  
You'll be lucky if you get any breakfast..., Those remaining in work will be lucky to get the smallest of pay increases...     
7    If you strike lucky or strike it lucky, you have some good luck.  
  (mainly BRIT)  
strike lucky/strike it lucky      phrase   V inflects  
You may strike lucky and find a sympathetic and helpful clerk, but, there again, you might not.     

Someone who is happy-go-lucky enjoys life and does not worry about the future.      adj   (=easy going)  
lucky dip        ( lucky dips    plural  ) a lucky dip is a game in which you take a prize out of a container full of hidden prizes and then find out what you have chosen.  
  (BRIT)      n-count  
in AM, use grab bag     
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1    advantageous, blessed, charmed, favoured, fortunate, jammy     (Brit. slang)   on a roll     (informal)   prosperous, serendipitous, successful  
2    adventitious, auspicious, fortuitous, opportune, propitious, providential, timely  
   bad, detrimental, ominous, unfavourable, unfortunate, unhappy, unlucky, unpromising, untimely  

blithe, carefree, casual, devil-may-care, easy-going, heedless, improvident, insouciant, irresponsible, light-hearted, nonchalant, unconcerned, untroubled  
   careworn, cheerless, gloomy, melancholy, morose, sad, serious, unhappy  

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