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  ( careers    plural & 3rd person present)   ( careering    present participle)   ( careered    past tense & past participle  )
1       n-count   A career is the job or profession that someone does for a long period of their life.  
She is now concentrating on a career as a fashion designer..., ...a career in journalism., ...a political career.     
2       n-count   Your career is the part of your life that you spend working.  
During his career, he wrote more than fifty plays..., She began her career as a teacher.     
3       adj   Careers advice or guidance in British English, or career advice or guidance in American English, consists of information about different jobs and help with deciding what kind of job you want to do.  
ADJ n  
Get hold of the company list from your careers advisory service.     
4       verb   If a person or vehicle careers somewhere, they move fast and in an uncontrolled way.  
oft cont   (=hurtle)  
His car careered into a river...      V prep/adv  
He went careering off down the track.      V prep/adv  

career break        ( career breaks    plural  ) If someone takes a career break, they stop working in their particular profession for a period of time, with the intention of returning to it later.     (BUSINESS)      n-count  
Many women still take career breaks to bring up children.     
career woman        ( career women    plural  ) A career woman is a woman with a career who is interested in working and progressing in her job, rather than staying at home looking after the house and children.      n-count  
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an ambitious woman who thinks her career really matters more than many things and is not willing to compromise on it
a career advancement website based in Palo Alto, California, specializing in Job Search / Job Hunt.
[Comp.] "I found my job at"
expression meaning that several or all members of a family have something in common (a skill, a feature, a path or a behavior)
E.g.: He became an actor too. It runs in the family.
meet; cross each other's lives; be brought together
E.g.:They crossed paths fifteen years ago and they are best friends since then.
innovation paradigm that assumes firms should use external ideas and/or external paths to market in their innovation process
[Tech.];[Bus.] word coined by Henry Chesbrough, who opposes this paradigm to the closed innovation one, where all the innovation process happens within the borders of the firm.
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